Ways to use your classroom laptops

*Use your laptops to have students rotate and practice math facts each morning and afternoon Fact Fluency.

* Do a technology center each day rotating your laptops.

* Have students do a special project like voice thread, use Kids Pix to write about and illustrate the plot of a book they read.

* Students make a CD cover using read, write, draw to retell the plot or information about a main character in a book they have read.

*Use Iphoto booth to have kids dictate a review of a book they read then post it to your web page.

*Children can spell their spelling words using MIMIO refergerator magnets if you download the software on each of your laptops off staff talk.

*make a retell spinner for kids to use

*make a story sceene to have kids write a new story.

See my Center Project page

*Use Photo Booth to have children practice reading fluency. They love to watch themselves after they make the movie so let them do that before they listen and follow along!

---read the story, record yourself reading the same story, watch the story, follow along with your book

*If you have a child using Building Blocks as a math program then download the CD to your laptops and use them when they finish their work.

*SKYPE with another classroom. Assign reading buddies and share books.

*Video special presentations using Photobooth.

*Use digital storytelling to watch a story read by an actor or actress. Storylineonline

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