Homework should take your child no more than 20 minutes combined nightly. I would encourage your child to do any math homework that may come home first and then finish out the remaining 20 minutes by reading. Children have books that can be found on the reading page of my Wiki. Please ask your child which book they are reading this week. If your child receives reading support they will have books and or reading material in their backpack in a canvas bag. They will need to bring this book back the next school day as we use them for reading groups on a daily basis. If your child is participating in Reader's Theater then they are to practice the play I have sent home at least three times every night.

I do not send homework on Fridays unless your child has not completed his or her weekly work. Then please pace this work for your child and return it upon completion. You may also want to visit some of the internet sites I have put on my Wiki for further enrichment.