Reading Testing

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Ms. DURANT-HARTHORNE Narragansett School

This page is used by my students as a way of working on grammar and math skills related to our reading and math programs. Students may access this either in our classroom or from home. The tabs on the left side of the screen also provide pages related to staff development, technology projects to use with our Macbooks, and other curriculum material that may be helpful to children. You can visit our blog and see other technology projects we are working using our iPads and Macbooks by visiting this site .

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Digital Resources

Please visit the below sites that are created and connected to our classroom on a weekly basis.


Xtramath Fact Fluency Practice


Dropbox Lesson Sharing
My Blooms Taxonimy Journey with Ipads
Digital Portfolios The Early Years
Technology Presentations

Spelling Activities for Home

Please click my spelling tab on the left side of this screen to download supportive materials.

Math Routines

Click the math page on the left of this screen to see games to support our in class learning.

These internet games are geared at reinforcing what we are studying for math concepts and should enhance your child's learning.

Please go to the math section to view how your child is learning to solve addition and subtraction problems using the algorithms. It is important that your child be able to understand and use several of these methods. We will start with regrouping ones and tens then move to partial sum algorithms, and then to the traditional algorithm you learned. It is important, however, to make sure that your child learns these in this order to ensure that they completely understand carrying and borrowing.**

Birthday Snacks

Due to food allergies I ask that parents only bring in fruit for birthday celebrations. In the past parents have done fruit salad or fruit Kabobs. This allows all children to participate in the event. Please also let me know at least two days prior to bringing in a snack by either emailing me or leaving a message on my voice mail so that I can inform parents in the event that a child's diet needs to be adjusted due to the snack change for that day.

DSI and other Games and Trading Cards

Please be advised that our policy around trading cards, DSIs and other games like them are not permitted in school. These are very expensive and many times fall out of children's backpacks, get stepped, on or lost. Thank you so much for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions please feel free to consult our policy handbook that was passed out at the start of the school year.

Book Orders Due: Two weeks after I send them home.